Saturday, June 28, 2008

Value Erosion

Sorry. I apologise to my three loyal readers – Me, Myself and Nobody Else – for not updating the blog in over a month. It’s not that nothing Pissd me off. In fact, there was a shit load to write about and I couldn’t decide what to start with.

On May 21st, the front page of Times of India (Bombay edition) carried a very interesting article, “India ignores info offer on black money

Germany has data on illegal funds stashed off in Liechtenstein’s LTG Bank. German intelligence agency, BND bought the data for €4.2million and is willing to give it to India for FREE since February! No govt official has taken the initiative to react to it.

The piss off is that Times of India has not bothered to follow up on the scoop. No other newspaper or channel has come forward to take on the politicians.

I asked my buddy, Varun (an unemployed lawyer) to take up the matter using the RTI Act and I was willing to bear the expenses. BUT that lazy lawyer hasn’t moved a muscle. So, I have reached the conclusion that it’s Varun who has an account there. Dude, atleast return the Rs 100 you borrowed.

College Admissions
SSC results were declared a few days ago. A staggering 86% of the students cleared the exams. Papers carried photos of students celebrating and distributing sweets. The idiots didn’t realize what was in store for them. Having to stand in serpentine queues outside colleges just to buy a form seems the University’s way of welcoming the students to their next level of education.

Why can’t the University put the admission forms of all colleges on its website for them to be downloaded? Charge the bloody application fees to the annual fee. If it’s not possible for the University to provide such a basic facility, the least it can do is to instruct the colleges to start selling the forms well in advance.

A website accepts online admissions but that too is facing teething problems and students and parents aint opting for it.

Nothing has changed in the last thirteen years. In 1995, I was one of the idiots in the queue. The world has moved on, India is a major IT superpower but the University of Mumbai believes in tradition. God bless them.

History Restored
We Indians have a deep desire to etch our name in history. Be it the beggar, a pauper like me or an Ambani we make it a point to leave a mark on every monument we visit. It’s instinctive. Not one of us can resist the lure of writing our names on the walls of our scared monuments. All of us have taken upon ourselves to unofficially ruin our monuments. STOP it right now coz this shit is getting legal coverage now. Huh!
Recently the govt of Maharashtra allotted Rs 7.5 crores for the restoration of four monumental forts. The work was commissioned to the Directorate of Archeology and Museums by the state ASI.

These forts are made of stone and limestone and date back to the 17th century. The mercenary bastards overseeing the work have actually used cement to plaster these forts! Now these structures look as pathetic as any other modern day building. To save costs and lessen their burden the contractors made no efforts to procure limestone or hire an expert to guide them.

The city is loosing its history; the custodians of our heritage are screwing it. Sewri and Bandra forts have bitten the dust, I guess Victoria Terminus is next.
RIP Bombay.

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