Sunday, November 16, 2008

Force India

I love the game of cricket when its played in the right spirit or when the Aussies weep like sissy girls after their losses. Friday's match between India and England was a thrill to watch. Good entertainment atleast for the first half, all thanks to Yuvraj Singh.

Yuvraj Singh's innings was enchanting, packed with some superb shots. But I personally feel the innings lacked character. Why I say that is because his fitness was a big question mark and had it not been for the runner, Gautam Gambhir, Yuvi would have been out of the equation long ago. Yuvi called for a runner when he was batting on 37 off 37 balls having hit three 4s and a 6. Thereafter he amassed 101 runs in 41 balls! Had it not been for a runner, Yuvraj would have either retired hurt or got out to some rash shot and England would not have lost soo damn miserably.

My arguement is that if bowlers ain't allowed a substitute, why do batsmen have this privilege? Agreed the runner just runs on behalf of the batsman BUT running is an integral part of batting. Well, not in Yuvraj's innings but what Saaed Anwar's record innings of 194 against us where he batted with a runner for 31 overs! Take Brian Lara's knock of 400 in 582balls. That's 708mins of hardcore batting without a runner. His fitness spoke volumes in that match and the score seems like it's going to be unbeaten for quite sometime.

Moving on to the biggest cry babies of world cricket, Australia. These guys give their best on the field. They will abuse you and your family but call them a monkey and the drama begins. Stand up to their shit and you are labelled a rascist or an 'obnoxious little weed' or a 'third world country.' Strange ain't it, the combined earnings of these 'first world country' players and their criminal forefathers does not compare with the moolah they rake in the IPL held in a 'third world country.' Didn't anyone tell Mathew Hayden that his ancestors like most other Aussies' were potential criminals, who got thrown into Australia by the British? Oops, did I hurt some sissy Aussies. Well let's not get there and further hurt their glorious 'culture.'

To sum it up in the words of Harbhajan Singh after India handed out Australia its worst defeat in 25years, "I think they (Aussies) were busy writing their books, while we were busy preparing for the series. You can see what difference it has made."

Go India go...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chipko Movement - II

Driving down the lanes of Sleater Road & Worli, I felt a little less claustrophobic. Not that the roads and been widened or the traffic had eased, its just that a few trees had been chopped. The large tree at Teenbati, Walkeshwar has met the same fate. What's with the municipal corporation? Why have these trees been axed?

Are the trees being chopped to display the ugly buildings they were covering? The Teenbati tree certainly seems to have been axed to serve that purpose. Not only did it provide shade to both sides of the road, it also covered a dilapidated old uninhabited building. A mammoth of a tree has been chopped off at the Royal Opera House. The only logic I see is nothing. The Royal Opera House building is a neglected beauty and there were reports to renovate it. The renovation has neither started nor was the tree blocking any activity. Still the mighty must fall to the whims of the idiot managing our city.

Some time back, residents of Haji Ali had actually revived the Chipko Movement to protect the 87 trees lined on the Haji Ali promenade. They were opposing the municipal corporation’s bright idea to replace the trees with a Zodiac Park. Can you imagine how beautiful the place would look with all the 12 zodiac signs instead of these 87 trees? These idiotic residents are actually standing in the path of beautification and development. I bow down to the wise men that warm the chairs of BMC.

The one guy I am starting to idolize is the CM of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh. He is the true champion of humanity and the messiah of the masses. To regularize the illegal constructions made by builders on forest land, Deshmukh suggested that the innocent residents pay just 70paise per square foot to keep their land! This shrewd businessman will earn the state millions of rupees. He has not only provided relief to the residents but also secured his vote bank. Shouldn't Deshmukh be gunning for the head of the mercenary babus who let the builders get away by constructing on reserved forest land? The panel set up by the Supreme Court has suggested that pre-2005 constructions be regularised at a charge. BUT there's no reference of taking the authorities to task?

Nothing’s gonna improve around here. Assholes will keep wasting time updating their blogs while politicians will keep making moolah. Global warming does not even ring a bell with the authorities.

Screw global warming, I am waiting for the Zodiac Park. Let’s see what’s in store for Geminians. The future looks bright.

Pix courtesy Universal Press Syndicate


Thursday, November 6, 2008

MMR oops, MRM Shot

Trust a woman to spoil a perfectly lazy and boring holiday. No you got it wrong, the wife's not after my ass this time. And no, I ain't having an extra-marital affair either. Sigh...

Sometime back I requested a professional blogger, MRM, to review the nonsense on Pissd. How was I to know that she would actually read my mail? She reviewed the blog and liked the content! It made her laugh!! Am sorry, it wasn't intentional.

MRM thought the layout and display sucked. She asked me to dump the stupid template which I personally thought was cool. But then I gave into guru maiyaa's views. I spent one full day at the computer to change the look of this dumb blog. I skipped a Mithunda flick on tv (I know I should be hanged for that)  and if now she doesn't like it, I am gonna pull out the last few strands of hair on my scalp.

Well, if you don't like the new layout you can always blame the guru maiyaa. If for some stupid reason you like it then I am gonna thank you for letting my hair be. 

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