Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amar Akbar n Money

I gotta be the least religious guy around. Its not that I am an atheist, it’s just that I think its too much of a waste of time and energy unless you are in trouble. In short, I don’t trouble God until I am in trouble. I ain’t not proud about my views but isn’t it really convenient to blame all your shortcomings on some unknown supreme power?

If I ain’t a staunch follower why the hell am I posting this crap on Pissd. Well, the happenings in Jammu & Kashmir over the last month and a half have been very disturbing. Not that I had to cancel a holiday trip to Kashmir cause of the unrest in the state, but its something that needs urgent attention.

I think a little piece of land at Amarnath is going to widen the rift between the Hindus and the Muslims. Mind you, to the best of my knowledge, this rift is not created by us but by the biggest scumbags in society – Politicians.

Lot of Hindus question the stay on the transfer of land to the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board for setting up temporary shelters for pilgrims. Their argument being that if 157,000 Muslims can get a subsidy to perform the Haj pilgrimage every year, why cant a little piece of land be transferred to the shrine board. I feel it’s a fair argument. They aren’t asking for a monetary favour. Its just a land that will be officially be used to set up temporary shelters for pilgrims. The BIG question is: Would such a problem arise if the land wasn’t given to the Board officially? Weren’t pilgrims making use of the area till last year? Now since they officially want to use it, that causes a problem!

Moreover, its just a temporary settlement which would disappear the moment the ice Shivling disappears. Doesn’t the arrangement provide employment to thousands of Muslims of J&K?

The agitations have cost the state of J&K 5000 crores already and the only loser in this melee is the common man. Bandhs have been imposed, many have been killed and the Union Home Minister says that a suitable solution would take a month. Well, Mr Dickhead who should bear the brunt of the unrest till then?

To me it’s a situation created entirely by the bastards known as politicians. Politicians belong to a race that would very happily throw their mothers to the frenzied mob to earn a quick buck. Well, this is just their motherland.

Ps: I repeat, I aint siding with any religion. I have put to word the ugly but very justified thoughts running in the minds of millions of Hindus. Let there be no more Ayodhas.

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