Friday, May 22, 2009

Am Back... I Think

Am back. Recession has taken a toll on my brain (yeah, I think I have one). No ideas to write on. Nothing's happening to complain about. Ya, life sucks! :-(

But a friend asked me to update Pissd. So, the phoenix shall rise yet again. Frankly, I dint even know anyone reads this tripe! Who would be so damn interested to read crap?

Talking about friends, recently I had a spat with a very dear friend,VSN, and unwillingly it has spilled for over two weeks now. He knows he's wrong but he's been accusing everything walking on two legs. Dude, apologise. I think as a punishment, I am gonna force him to read Pissd for a year. Wow, one more follower:-)

I haven't been able to meet friends more often since the last one year. It's not as if everyone's working their ass off to beat the recession but I don't know why plans don't ever materialise. The wife says that people are avoiding me since I started forcing them to read Pissd. How rude, you morons!

The only friend who asked me to update this nonsense lives in USA and knows that I can't bloody pester her to read it. Maybe that's why she asked me to update it. Smart bitch. Oops, there I loose one more friend.


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