Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trip to J&K - II


The ADC to the Major-General had chalked our trip to Gulmarg. The drive from Srinagar to Gulmarg was really pleasant. We stopped over at Tangmarg and hired coats and gumboots.
Gulmarg is a hill-station at 8800ft that boasts of the highest and longest cable car ride in Asia.
Gulmarg is blessed with vast meadows of greenery and looks fabulous surrounded with a blanket of green. After a brief walk in the meadows, we took the Gondola cable car to Khelmarg in the Kongdoori Mountains.

The drizzle and cold weather made for the perfect setting for a bowl of hot Maggi noodles and Kahwa (Kashmiri tea). I didn't want to move further as I had found heaven at the refreshment stall but the wife and bro dragged me out and put me on a horse. We were heading to the snow bypassing the clouds.

The wife saw snow for the first time and could not control herself. The brother wanted to dive into the snow. I wanted my bowl of Maggi. Still want it :-) After sledding for a few hours and playing in the snow, all wet, we returned to Gulmarg hestitantly. The greenery at Gulmarg is captivating and I soon forgot about the sled. The thought of Maggi and Kahwa lingered though.

Khalid drove us back to our fortified home. At dinner, uncle M-G talked about terrorists, bombs and bullets but the wife couldn't think beyond snow. With sweet memories of Gulmarg, snow, kahwa and maggi, we called it a night.

Gulmarg Khelmarg


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